The Juxtaposed Collection

To the seekers of things that are authentic, rare and hard to define.
For those who search for that which is unique, captivates and intrigues. Compositions that enchant. Eclectic style and expression. Some vibrant enough to brighten a room. Others muted for a monochromatic space.

This is their own brand of art. Born from a shared desire to capture the infinite beauty that surrounds us all. Created by their ability to see the luster of abandoned places which echo sounds of a bustling past - now destined to disappear. Inspired by a desire to capture the intangible such as the gentle sounds of aspen leaves whispering in the wind as a storm rumbles through the mountains; or the alpine villages of Switzerland where every sheer rock wall spills dozens of cascading waterfalls into ravines and lush green pastures while cowbells chime in a calming rhythm equally matched to the scenic oasis.

Photographers Amanda Hedlund and Andrew Grant proudly present a collection of distinctive gallery-quality framed prints ranging from sprawling landscapes to cityscapes, rustic character to industrial inspiration, old pickup trucks to decades-old shacks, capturing nature’s past into the present, Rover dog portraits and more. Each genre offers an inside look into the world’s natural beauty and creates a harmony of lasting enjoyment for any space. The signed, limited editions are an exclusive and collectible statement piece for your home, office and business.

Living on the road while helping animal rescues

In 2013, the couple packed their belongings into a storage unit to live on the road for a three-year tour while crisscrossing the country to photograph dogs for their self-published Rover book series. This led them on a 100,000+ mile voyage to bring awareness to the homeless animal population in America through compelling portraits of rescue and purebred dogs – while raising over $2.5 million for rescues and shelters. During this time, they built
a comprehensive archive of worldly images – merging museum-quality books with gallery-style framed art. Their timeless style is not only portrayed with the clean, simplistic white backgrounds of every dog portrait, Hedlund & Grant also transcends this look throughout their understated abstract and familiar imagery.

About Amanda Hedlund & Andrew Grant

Amanda Hedlund has a unique ability to see beauty in the most mundane objects. Her captivating work reflects her kind nature and enthusiastic spirit. The imaginative photographer tends to draw from strange and unusual sources like roaring locomotives, decaying collector cars or mystery in stark neighborhoods, buildings and farms. Hedlund’s curated framed art collection is a homecoming of sorts. An art enthusiast from youth, she used her previous work experience as a creative outlet, winning awards for video production, design and online communication. Now, with a camera in hand, Hedlund presents an irreverent collection of curiosities depicted through her lens.

Andrew Grant, known for his work in advertising, fashion, magazine and portrait photography is now nationally recognized for his charismatic portraits of dogs as subjects. Grant’s images of actors, authors, celebrities, kids, models, musicians and professional athletes ranging from Alicia Keys to Joe Montana have been featured in hundreds of advertisements, magazines, books and product packaging.